Berggasse 19, 1090 Vienna

Originally preserved spatial structures reveal an authentic experience of the birthplace of psychoanalysis, and the various exhibits (objects, historical manuscripts, photographs) highlight the professional stations and biographical facettes of Freud’s professional and family life. 

City links. Vienna – Bratislava
Technisches Museum

How are cities linked up? Vienna Technical Museum is answering this question by examining two historic public transport lines, both of which form part of transport infrastructure still in use today: Otto Wagner’s Wiener Stadtbahn metropolitan railway and the “Pressburger Elektrische” Vienna-Bratislava electric railway.

Our City! Jewish Vienna - Then to Now

"Our City!” starts with the years from 1945 to the present on the ground floor. It describes the development, in spite of the unhelpfulness of Austrian post-war politicians, of an almost completely destroyed Jewish community to its present-day modest but highly dynamic presence. 


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The retrospective

Albertina, till 08th January 2023

Virtually no other artist comes anywhere close to being as representative of the 1980s and that decade’s pulsating New York art scene as does the brilliantly exceptional artistic phenomenon that was Jean-Michel Basquiat. This exhibition is Austria’s first comprehensive museum-based retrospective featuring Jean-Michel Basquiat’s extraordinary oeuvre.
It shows around 50 major works from renowned public and private collections, providing new insights into Basquiat’s one-of-a-kind visual language and decoding the substance behind his artistic ideas.

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Innovation inspired by Nature

TMW, from 26th October 2022

Over the course of about 3.8 billion years of evolution, nature has adapted to a wide range of different conditions, creating ingenious phenomena, structures and processes. This exhibition illuminates how nature’s problem-solving skills can be transferred to technology.The still-young science of biomimicry will play an even more important role in the future, because it places a focus on both functionality and sustainability by using technology in a resource-efficient and environmentally sound manner.

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Artists in Competition

KHM, till 08th January 2023

Nowadays, competition is mainly associated with sport, the economy, evolution theory, architecture, or various types of TV contest. Ever since the days of ancient Greece, however, competition has also played an important role in the world of art.
The exhibition shows how in antiquity, the Renaissance, and the Baroque, artists competed with one another and how, in addition, they measured themselves against ancient models. This kind of competition has brought forth some of the best-known works in the history of art.

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